Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners

1) straight hair in accordance with the heating element could be split into different ceramic heater, PTC heater and heating wire heating elements. Ceramic heater from the features of environmental protection, heating speed, 30 seconds to 45 seconds for Shi plywood surface temperature meets 200 degrees. Danshi as ceramic heating degree Yi Shang surfaced in 1000 sintered hot temperature, the temperature inside the circuit spiraling uncontrollable more than 300 degrees quickly, it’ll burn the plastic material fixed heating plate, heating plate to fall off, there could be confronted with users, and burn your skin. Positive Temperature Coefficient PTC may be the acronym equals positive temperature coefficient, known as PTC thermistor. PTC is sintered at high temperatures, however the maximum temperature of the surface can be controlled during sintering, according to the manufacturer’s requirements, you can sintering to 280 about the surface, or manufacturers want any temperature, generally sintered to 230 degrees to 280 degrees. nevertheless its drawback is heated to 200 degrees slowly, usually 1 1 / 2 or 2 minutes. Moreover in use, did not such as the ceramic heater stay at a higher temperature. straightened hair, the effect of slightly worse. chi hair straighteners

2) straight hair in accordance with the heating plates of different materials may be split up into: pure ceramic heating plate, the top of aluminum spray ceramic glazes, glass ceramics The advantages of ceramic heat panels are environmentally friendly, good insulation, good safety, disadvantage is long processing cycle, processing many links so when hard to cope with very smooth edges, along the way of straightening hair will slightly pull hair. The benefits of aluminum sprayed ceramic glaze is straightforward to make, also because of mechanical forming, edge is very smooth and won’t pull hair. As the surface is glazed ceramic pot, pull hair seemed to be extremely effective. Drawback is always that as the metal itself is not insulated, internal heater should be insulated in order to avoid leakage caused by security problems. Microcrystalline glass is seldom used, mainly inside the smooth the surface of ceramic glaze like a good level, whilst not simple to shape fixed, to redesign the merchandise structure. chi hair tools

Hair Styling

3) straight hair in the structural distinction, generally divided into 2 types of V-and X-type, popular in early X-type, V-more popular this season. Because the V-not only straighten the head of hair, straight hair looks sleek may also be used to wild hair, more beautician for curly hair straight forever. chi hair straightners